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Luxurious Growth & Spa Relaxation

HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb

HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb

• Red Light Hair Care for Enhanced Metabolism
• Cowhorn Material for Smooth, Glossy Hair
• Medicated Massage to Unblock Meridians
• Accurate Liquid Control with No Waste
• Controllable Discharge for Even Application

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Traditional hair care routines often fall short, plagued by three core issues: poor absorption, uneven application, and messiness.

Traditional methods, whether hand brushing or spraying, tend to leave treatments on the hair's surface, leading to minimal nourishment where it’s needed most—at the roots. This results in a wasteful, uneven distribution of products, making it hard to reach every part of the scalp. Besides being inefficient, these methods are messy, turning what should be a nurturing ritual into a cumbersome chore.

Transform Your Scalp Care Routine with the HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb

Elevate your hair care with our HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb! Experience the bliss of a spa as it awakens follicles for growth, using red light therapy and a precise oil applicator. Enjoy a soothing massage that enhances treatment absorption, all in a portable, easy-to-use device. It’s not just care, it’s a transformation for your hair.

  • A Touch of Elegance

    Crafted from selected Cowhorn, the HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb not only brings a touch of elegance to your hair care routine but also offers unparalleled benefits. Its anti-static properties prevent frizz and static buildup, while its gentle touch on the scalp and hair roots promotes natural shine and health. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

  • Unblock Meridians for Radiant Health

    The HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering significant health and wellness benefits. Utilizing the ancient practice of bull horn massage, this comb works to unblock meridians and acupoints on the scalp. This not only promotes blood circulation but also encourages a healthy, radiant glow from the inside out.

  • Cutting-Edge Features for Optimal Hair Care

    Leverage the power of modern technology with the HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb's advanced features:

    • Micro-current and High-Frequency Vibration Massage
    • 625nm Red Light Therapy
    • Three Hair Care Modes
    • Efficient Medication Delivery System

    These innovative features make the HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for healthier, stronger hair.

  • Farewell to Traditional Application Methods

    Embrace the future of hair care with the HornGlow Scalp Care: Red Light Therapy & Natural Horn Comb, a groundbreaking departure from messy and inefficient traditional application methods. With its innovative design, this guide comb directly applies treatments to the scalp, ensuring even distribution and deep nourishment. Say goodbye to wasted product and hello to a cleaner, more effective routine.

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How It Works

Step 1. Open the liquid storage tank

Step 2. Pour in the liquid medicine and reposition the lid.
Pour no more than 6ml of liquid medicine

Step 3. Long press the on button to turn or off the device;
Click to switch modes and select the desired mode

Step 4. Hold the liquid guide comb, contact the comb teeth with the scalp and apply the medicine evenly to the scalp by pressing with appropriate force. After use, clean the remaining liquid on the box and wipe it dry. Pay attention to keeping it clean

Detailed Specifications

The combination of micro-current and high-frequency vibration massage provides deep relaxation to the scalp, enhancing blood circulation, allowing nutrients to reach the hair roots, and improving the scalp's absorption of these nutrients.
2. The use of 625nm red light stimulates metabolism, activates cells, encourages the regeneration of hair follicles, and supports overall scalp health.
3. With three hair care modes - hair growth mode, massage mode, and rejuvenation mode - it effectively massages and relaxes the scalp, supports hair maintenance, and fosters healthy hair development.
4. This tool is beneficial for addressing various hair health issues, such as frequent hair loss, dryness and frizziness, split ends, and oily hair.
5. Equipped with a 6ml medicine solution box that accurately controls a 1ml dosage without leaving any residue, it's compatible with various hair-nourishing medicinal solutions, liquid scalp essence oils, and nutrient solutions.
6. Features Type-C fast charging, achieving a full charge in about an hour, and with 10 minutes of daily use, it can last for a week without the need for frequent recharging.

Product information:
Color: light purple, black
Product Name: Horn Health Hair Guide Comb
Product Net Weight: 90g
Product Size: 63*50 * 30mm
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Power: 0.25W
Rated Capacity: 200mAh
Production origin: China
Implementation Standard: GB4706.1-2005


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